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Mishary Rasyid per Juz….


Juz 1 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8SiNO

Juz 2 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8RJmQ

Juz 3 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFSrtF

Juz 4 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8SXi3

Juz 5 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8RZm3

Juz 6 ⇨ http://j.mp/28MBohs

Juz 7 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFRIZC

Juz 8 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bufF7o

Juz 9 ⇨ http://j.mp/2byr1bu

Juz 10 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bHfyUH

Juz 11 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bHf80y

Juz 12 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bWnTby

Juz 13 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFTiKQ

Juz 14 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8SUTA

Juz 15 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFRQIM

Juz 16 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8SegG

Juz 17 ⇨ http://j.mp/2brHsFz

Juz 18 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8SCfc

Juz 19 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFSq95

Juz 20 ⇨ http://j.mp/2brI1zc

Juz 21 ⇨ http://j.mp/2b8VcBO

Juz 22 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFRxNP

Juz 23 ⇨ http://j.mp/2brItxm

Juz 24 ⇨ http://j.mp/2brHKw5

Juz 25 ⇨ http://j.mp/2brImlf

Juz 26 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFRHF2

Juz 27 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFRXno

Juz 28 ⇨ http://j.mp/2brI3ai

Juz 29 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFRyBF

Juz 30 ⇨ http://j.mp/2bFREcc


Silahkan disebarluaskan semoga menjadi amal jariyah bagi anda..

My experience with Mitsan Foudation

This is my experience at Mitsan Foundation. I was send my cv to mitsan foundation gmail account then order to call Amit. Amit called me through whatsapp and after I ask his help on whatsapp chat, he said want to help me. Then Nidhi Gosalia send me Mitsan Foundation 40 executive whatsapp invitation link.

At there, I don’t know how to work. Then I joined yoga class because I must shared internet package and wifi for programming language lesson and give tech support at blind help project.

Then I asked some people’s including CEO but no one want to tell how to work. Then I did instruction for new comers to share job hire info and training info use Gaakay.

I joined SPSS class but I unable to understand because instructor talk in Indian language, he did not want to listen when I said please use English when I tried to talk in voice and text and Nidhi push me to just listen.

Then I asked should I join all class to CEO? Then I got answered yes.

But, after I join music class. Neha Agarwhal, a music instructor removed me from her class. Then I tried to tell please let me join class because CEO order me to join all class and tell please give me capacity. Because last I join, Neha said that she will not bring me capacity except I can understand Indian languange. After I said i the class, neha removed me again from the class.

Nidhi removed me from mitsan whatsapp group, then she removed me from all class too.

Then i asked why Nidhi removed me from yoga class? I got info that to join class must pay. Nidhi said for class all must pay. This was plan by Amit Sardar.

Yoga teacher, Rajeev sir is very kind. He said if unable pay I can join free for now then he will tell Nidhi. I told I unable to pay and send CEO order to join all class. Then for 2 times I can join Yoga class continue yoga clas before.

Then i asked someone which was add by Amit, he said that he is founder with Amit Sardar. He said can help. Then I tell all problem at Mitsan including CEO if promise never fullfill. When Indian join, they got information in detail, directly get training and get a job. I told my ability to Amit but what I said just be a joke at recruitment class by CEO so experience is nothing. CEO also make a joke all what I said in the recruitment group although they talk in Indian language but I can catch what they laughed. Ya in recruitment class they talk in Hindi. I said my problem’s. But they don’t care and make it be a joke. The person whose declare fouder with Amit said tomorrow I will get a sollution. But what happend?

I got warn from Nidhi to not connect their people said that I against said Amit and they will remove me from class.

Then I told all the things because Nidhi tell if I didn’t tell right about them. With send screenshoot what I said, but she don’t want to listen.

So, I blocked Nidhi and delete my skype accout. Enough for all their bad behaviour.

How to use zoom tutorial

Hello this is Tyaseta, this is tutorial how to use zoom in computer.

To make meeting is select start ew meeting.

After create meeting we can setting depend on tools at there.

To mute and unmute as a host or as partipant select mute button. To show our face is select start video button.

To know whose join is select participants. In meeting to accept participant is select admin button after open participants then select one participant.

To talk in text, select chat button, then write, to send just enter.

To sharing screen, select share screen button.

To record meeting, select record button.

To send tumbs up is select reactions button then select thumbs up.

To stop meeting select end button.

To know about meeting which we was create is tab until meeting information, at there we can know meeting id, password, meeting url. To send meeting url is tab until copy url button, select it, then paste it.

To join meeting is select join meeting, then select want to join with video and or join with audio. Then wait host accept you. To join a meeting no need to sign in, you can put direct meeting id, password or can join directly through invitation link.

To hear what people talk in android is seelct audio disconnected. To raise hand at android is select more button then select raise hand.

For low vision which need see text in big size, can go to settings then accessibility, change at closed caption and change chat display size. Chat display size shortcut is ctrl+/-.

If want to change profile, select settings, then go to profile, then select edit my profile. If want to use other feature, we must upgrade to pro, to change to pro is in profile at settings.

Zoom keyboard shortcut :

f6                            Navigate among zoom popup windows

ctrl+shift+alt      change focus to zoom meeting controls (on top when sharing screen)

page up                                view the previous page of video participants in gallery view

page down         view the next page of video participants in gallery view

alt                           always show meeting controls

alt+f1                    switch to speaker view

alt+f2                    switch to gallery view

alt+f4                    close current window

alt+v                      start/stop video

alt+a                      mute/unmute my audio

alt+m                    mute/unmute audio for everyone except host (host only)

alt+s                      start/stop screen sharing

alt+shift+s           show/hide windows and applications available to share

alt+t                       pause/resume screen sharing

alt+r                       start/stop local recording

alt+p                      pause/resume recording

alt+n                      switch camera

alt+f                       enter/exit full screen mode

alt+h                      show/hide in-meeting chat panel

alt+u                      show/hide participant panel

alt+i                       open the invite window

alt+y                      raise/lower hand

alt+q                      end meeting

alt+shift+r           begin remote control

alt+shift+g          revoke/give up remote control permission

ctrl+2                     read active speaker name

ctrl+alt+shift+h show/hide floating meeting controls

ctrl++                    increase chat display size

ctrl+-                     decrease chat display size

alt+shift+t           screenshot

alt+L                      switch to portrait/landscape view

ctrl+w                   hide current chat session

ctrl+up                  go to previous chat

ctrl+down           go to next chat

ctrl+t                     jump to chat with someone

ctrl+e                    search

Info training bahasa Isyarat, internal audit, HR, become a singer, spss from basic

  1. Become a Sign Language expert and trainer

Gakaay solutions is organising an online Sign Language training course

Sign Language is used for communicating with, teaching and training speech & hearing-impaired students /persons


For more details and registration please contact on the below email id



  1. Learn basics of SPSS

Gakaay solutions is starting an online inclusive [abled and specially abled] training course on SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)

Mode online

Platform Skype or zoom

For further details and registration please contact




  1. Become an auditor in 15 days

Gakaay solutions is now offering courses for lead auditors and internal auditors training.

All these are online courses

CQI-IRCA Certified courses are highly recognised by industries as well as leading certification bodies. The CQI-IRCA courses are designed to enhance knowledge and skill required to perform first, second and third party audits for various management systems

Who should join?

These programs are useful for those who are conducting / would like to carry out Internal /

external Audits for management systems. The programs will give your professional graphs a cutting edge.

These training programs are recommended for those organisations who would like to strengthen their internal audit / supplier audit process.

Courses Offered:

    • Lead Auditor course based on QMS ISO 9001: 2015
    • Lead Auditor course based on EMS ISO 14001: 2015
    • Lead Auditor course based on OHASMS ISO 45001: 2018
    • Lead Auditor course based on MD QMS ISO 13485: 2016
    • Lead Auditor course based on FSMS ISO 22001: 2018
    • Lead Auditor course based on EnMS ISO 50001: 2018
    • Lead Auditor course based on ISMS ISO 27001: 2013

Course Highlights:

    • Introduction to management systems
    • Introduction to High Level Structure
    • Purpose and requirements of management systems
    • Risk based auditing
    • Effective Audit NC writing and audit report writing

Participants shall be evaluated continuously via participation in workshops & an examination of 2 Hours

    • The participants who pass the continuous assessment and written examination shall be awarded with a

Certificate of achievement

How to register

Those interested, kindly mail your resumes and get in touch with us via


  1. Become a singer


Gakaay solutions is organising online singing classes by a professionally trained classical singer , Miss Neha Agarwal at an affordable fee

Mode online

Platform Skype or Zoom

For more details and registration please contact



  1. Become a MS Office Expert


Gakaay solutions is organising an online computer training course for abled and specially abled persons

For further details and registration please contact



  1. Gakaay solutions is organising a Yoga and fitness training program.

Learn yoga and fitness. Enhance your life through meditation, mudras, Pranayam and Asans.

This is an online training program via Skype.

For further details and registration please contact us via



  1. Course in HR best practices


Gakaay solutions is organising a 3 months crash course for HR Training both for abled and specially abled

The course is an online module covering 40 years of HR journey and recruitment methods and techniques.,

For further details and registration contact us at


Open hirement at Gakaay as Voice Process

About Gakaay Solutions:
We have been serving quality business IT and Non IT Recruitment to our clients.

Now we are hiring for BPO Sector .

WORK : Voice Process

Location Pune , Mumbai

Here we are offering home based work

Salary upto 25000

Job shift s night shift + rotational any 9 hours shift with weekly off on Sunday .

Any graduate and undergraduate candidates with excellent communication skills
Undergraduate should have at least 6 months of experience

Candidate should have a good broadband connections with headphone mic and updated windows operating system

Not… Candidates will have to go once in a month to the located office in Pune and Mumbai
Limited vacancies are running out interested candidates can send their resume on the given ID pillow

How to write use keyboard on pc tutorial

Hi, this is tutorial how to write in keyboard at pc.

1st we should know position.

Generally, keyboard position start from esc, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, f7, f8. f9, f10, f11, f12, prt sc, ins, del,

then under it keyboard position are ~, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,0 -, =, backspace.

then under it there are tab, q, w, e, r, t, y, u, i, o, p, [, ], \

caps lock, a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, ;, ‘, enter

shift, z, x, c, v, b, n, m, ,, ., /, shift

ctrl, fn, windows, alt, space bar, alt, context menu, ctrl, arrow (left, right, down, top)

ok after know the position, to write, to make efficient, we need make more faster. If you write at microsoft word with 500 words per page, you need 15 minutes so it mean for write 33 word’s per minutes need 33 word per minute/wpm.

Can you imagine if your typing speed be 50 wpm, 500 word in one page, so 500 words can finish in 10 minutes.

Speed typing in average level is 30 – 40 WPM. And people who can type fast in level 70-80 WPM. To increase typing, use 10 finger’s. Yes, use 10 finger’s is second way.

F and j is index finger position which is something tastes. F for left index finger, and j for right index finger.

Thumbs is space bar.

Then put other in right position, here are the position.

left middle finger is for d, right middle finger is for k.

Left ring finger is for s, right ring finger is for l.

Left little finger is for a, right little finger is for : ;

3rd is do touch typing. This method can be use for sight or blind which is in low vision category. Touch typing is ability to write without see the button’s. With the sense of touch can make reduce time while writing. This method use 10 finger’s method.

Fourth, remember keyboard shortcut, especially general keyboard shortcut which is usefull like f1 for help, f5 for refresh, prt scr for print screen (take screen shoot your screen), tab for jump some character’s, caps lock for make font big, delete for erase character from left, bacspace for erase character from right, space bar for spacing, windows is for open start at windows, shift for use symbol which is which is on several keyboards, fn is for function, so on.

Catatan Tips dan trik Jualan online

Hai, ini catatan kelas online yang dihadiri 71 orang di zoom.


Diawali mas dodi iskandar,

dibantu mas anwar mengoperasikn.


2005 trial n error.


Dibagi 3 sesi. Sesi 1 dodi, sesi 2 telemarketing di bank, sesi 3.


Jual apa ya. Misal blogging butuh seo, membuat seo, misal amazon. Paling mdh jualan market place.


  1. Toko online

butuh programmer buat website

  1. Social media


market place

kekurangannya customer cari sendiri,

traffic pengunjung besar, bnyk promosi bnyk fasilitas diskon ky shopee 5 persen. Ada plesendo. Poin 4 yg paling penting pling mdh dipelajari. Memiliki komunitas yg bsr t4 saling sharing, curhat, memotivasi.


Jnis2 jualan online

  1. Dropshipper

modal kcil bhkn gratis. Misal jual brg gratis bilang ke penjualny bilang dropship. Www.dekardekor.id bisa seolah2 itu brg kita. Jd g perlu ribet. Materi promosi g perlu dibuat. Kekuranganny adlh sharing data costumer jd bs ditikung, gs ada kontrol kualitas brg. Kekuranganny



bth dana bsr bwt dana perlu rep, packing, hrs liat brg baru, hrs rapi. Desain dinding, layout. Bisa brthp dri drop shipper trs jd reseller.


Kdg kesulitn mw jual apa. Biar laku gmn?

Lihat, misal skrg lg korona yg laku masker, alat pelindung diri. Lihat produk paling laku saat ini misal di bukalapak.com tag. Bisa cari di website luar negeri.


Di market desain


yg hrs disiapkn jual marketplace hrs ada alamat email, ktp, nomor telepon, rekening, gadget, koneksi internet.


Sdh ada yg disiapkn, msk ke lazada dll dgn daftar.


Gmn memaksimalkn pnjualan di market place. Disini cuma lazada (cpt naik untuk seller baru, kualitas toko brg disaingkn, kcptn respon, tantangan yg diberikan sebanyak 8 tantangan untuk jd seller), shopee (resellershopee co.id ada fasilitas sgt mrh, cari customer tnp iklan, bs memboost iklan, ssdh seting akun)


  1. Menentukan judul produk di shopee 100 karakter. Klo lazada 250 karakter.


Marketplace lazada deskripsi katanya ga ngaruh.


Cara menentukan judul misal hand sanitizer dettol 500 ml jd hrs ditmbhkn hand sanitizer murah alami kyk gt lbh efektif. Contoh lain obat sembelit alami herbal. Ini lbh bagus drpd naruh merek doang.


Gmn cari kt kunci?


  1. Bisa buka pencarian google, kira2 yg biasa dicari ky gmn? Ada google planner tp lbh rumit.


  1. Shoping iklan ada kata pencarian. Lihat hrga per klik berarti kompetitorny bsr. 200 ribu lbh ya di shopee.

Lwt shopee iklanku bisa kombinasikan kt kunci.

  1. Mencari referensi dari kompetitor

produk buat sealami mungkin. Hrs fokus.

Ukuran produk jgn sampe memanjang,

ukuran size jgn bsr biasanya max 2 mb. Isi deskripsi, merek.

Menentukn hrg, bbrp penilitian tmn2 riqo dn dia sendiri hrg coret


klo di shopee di fasilitas promosi toko.


Ssdh nyiapin toko, kita promosi. Arahkn blnja di market place.


Bs,max promo gratis naikkan produk. Di lazada untuk fasilitas produk hrs selesaikn tntngn.


Kupon promosi ada kupon toko, kupon follower ekslusif dari toko online kita.


Selain poin referensi dari kompetitor, kita bs lht kompetitor yg bgs tp jgn krjsm.


Muttaqin bertanya, “Sistem penarikan saldo di shopee klo di aplikasi krg akses, gmn klo tarik saldo”. Di lazada penarikn setiap hari rabu.


Tp ketika di shopee sehari 50 rb kt ambil 50% ga untung sm sekali krn dipotong lg sm shopee jd hrs ngitung, merhatiin saingan.


Bisa upload masal pke excel.


Zulfan bertanya jual produk apa saja nama tokonya. 1. Aktif online shop sejak 2016 jual baju anak. Kmudian jual casing hp (kenceng). Skrg jualan hiasan dinding dgn 3 org karyawan saat ini.


Tips dropship :

g bnyk supplier (dicari supplier bnyk produk)


hindari supplier yg beda 1 toko gpp

cari supplier dkt jd hindari pengeluaran, ga perlu rubah kota


  1. Yusuf dari Palembang bertanya, “kolom sku isiny gmn?” sku adlh satuan k ny apa ya unit. El01 untuk hp itu memudhkn klo ada pembelian. Klo g pke sku ssh.


Fani “cra klo di tokopedia bs resi otomatis. Ngirimny dgn kode,resi atau kirim pdfny. Agar g perlu kirim resi scr manual. Cr pke screen reader dgn capslock pke left bracket, di lazada bs. Browserny dsrnkn pke chrome.


Hendra brtny, “td msh ganjel hrga coret misal tulis dulu hrg normal 7an untuk promo, coba diterangkan.” hrga coret g bs di hp jd untuk di shopee di lazada lwt chrome. Klo di tokopedia hrga coret 1-5% biar ga lebay. Bgt upload hrgny klo 1  hrg upload asli lupa bru dicoret otomatis dicoret krn memarkup harga.


Sesi 3 habibi

hobi main game 2008 kena krisis amerika bljrlh seo trs main di properti rmh, mobil. 1 bln jual 15 mobil.


Knal adsense jd blogger. 2015 adsense kna banned smw. Smpe ktmu riqo 2013 dimas.


Mainny jauh jual hosting, main nyulang sistem google jdny main seo. Lumayan peminstny bnyk jd fokusnya seo. Penghsln  g turun y boong.


Klien2 lm positif, ada bbrp mke jasa seo. Itu penting seo badget sekian 1 hri plajari mw market place mw seo.


Seo berubah. Dicoba2 msh work. Yg gmpng pijat panggilan jd regional/kota/kabupaten. Bnyk peluang. Kondisi efektif cm bs pke jempol 1 tgn bwt gerakin keyboard. Jd main game pke suara. Import tas dri cina g smw pattern ttp inovasi, risiko rugi, kepepet, minat.


Jualan kaos kaki.


Firdausi di zoom kondisi pandemik apkh ada pngrh, atasiny gmn.

Habibi bilang, “dampak ada, klien lama mrs puas mrs thn lalu di seoin atau mrk meerekomendasi. Mensiasati skrg untuk ukm kna dampak kdg mrk siap2 amunisi mrk g siap2 justru sispin amunisi seo, jg kualitas, jg pekerjaan. Rico klo sy work hone sdr rmh g nymn, cenderung meningkat, mslhny pengirimn jd lm jd 5 hari dsn itu dampakny brg balik krn msk zona mersh. Ya itu ky kt hsbibi perekonomisn rusak kyk mall tp hand sanitizer panen. Slm eKspedisi dipEtbolehkn, msh Jln. Jgn smpe rating turun, pembeli kcewa. Klo di market place rating jelek ada jejak digitalnya.


Kahar beli kompresor dijwb bs g aktifin gojek instant jd,ongkir lbh mrh.


Di zoom dari Ahmad Yuda bertanya, “ke habibi tertarik brtny, klo klien untuk seo atau pembuatan seo perbandingn perorangan itu brp persen bro,oersen klo profit,kn sdh jls,klo non orofit itu gmn? Sy ada rencana serupa mau ke rmh.”, stlh wabah blh, awal3 kejar ukm cm 10 jtan yg gampang3 bnyk yg minst ga ada untungnya. 1 jt perbln yg blm ongkos kdg web mrk brmslh jd tenaga. Klo org seo org prcy krn susah. Bocoran misal ada,instansi pmrnth misal kemendikbud untuk port folio lmyn. Dri dia channelny bgs,bgt. Kerja bkn dri agency. Di bwh dia . Kalo non profit aga bingung, seo bth modal berarti sedekah. Bayarin ongkosnya trbts. Cmn bet uang msh blm krn ongkos seo lmyn. Ongkos 1 juta backlink, konten. Jd yaa blm sakpe. Non profit js,desain prnh. Some,jam 10.


Stlh,drop ship pngin pny produk sendiri minta tips spy pny,oroduk sendiri. 1 pje nobile aplikasi di tokopefus


testimonial itu penting bgt. Ada review kompetitor itu bisa di report.


Gmn memasarkn produk saya? Bru posting sj.

Brg ada? Ada. Gmn ngiklankn produk di fanpage? Habibi jwb ngiklan ada 1 lg jd fb profile qt. Itu kn pke fb fanpage, pke fb profile biasa jd fb fanpage didongkrak pke fb profile yg positif ga jgn pos politik, bkn mngrh agama benci sesuatu. Kt kunci seo disearch di google. Fb klh klo bnyk di seo kn. Ada 2 model yg rumit pje banner yg mdh posisikn jd pembeli. Jd jual brg dri profile, driving dr fb profile diarah ksn. Mau apapun ksn itu ada,marketing. Bw dr tmn2 fb, mknan ksh k mrk gratis ktika kita ksh pasti moto klo enak tp gpp diksh foto jd testimoni brg enak, bagus. Hrs enak dipegang. Ketika mrk foto bilang enak  di pos di fb.


Diakhiri menyapa mba ariyani, yadi, mba endah n slh 1 influencer kegiatan ini disampaikan Trmksh bwt yg berdonasi. Trmksh permata bank ksh beasiswa ke pnyandang disabilitas, zoom plus. Akan menchallange peserta.


Kegiatan selesai.


Nara sumber : tariqo (tunanetra)

habibi (tunadaksa)

Learn blog at Utech

Assalamu Alaikum. Hope you are well. As blogging is getting very popular among the people, it’s a great thing to learn it to get success as blogger. The UTechs Blog aims to solve your blogging problems by providing valuable information. For this purpose, an email list is designed specially for you. If you are interested to learn more, sign up now!

website: http://www.theutechsblog.com

FB page link: http://www.faceboo

Review Blogger Gathering Asus di Jakarta


Ini adalah Tyaseta, saya hari ini ke acara Blogger Gatgering Asus di Jakarta, Indonesia dimana kemarin siang mendapatkan undangan di Komunitas Eman-emak Blogger (KEB).

Seorang wanita yang bernama Mira memulai acaranya, ini adalah acara kedua dimana acara pertama di Bekasi.

Yang mendaftar 57 orang.

Games 1 :

Sebut 2019 pakai zenbook dengan o yang panjang. Terlama.

Asus zenbook us 31

Salah satu ikut lomba di

Kenapa mesti laptop ini?




Powernya I7

S 1 slim 9 mili 2,9 inci cukup stylis dibawa.

S2 supreme


Kenapa di keluarkan? Untuk siapa target markatingnya?

Tangguh dan standar militer. Tangguh karena melewati militarity grade, jatuh, terpijak test. Sudah diuji ditingkat cuaca ekstrim. Tahan banting.

Warna merah dan black.

Tipis banget

Kelebihan ketika dibuka menyangga di bawahnya jadi ga perlu ada kipas untuk sirkulasi dibawahnya.

Performenya bulat

Tingkat kecerahan warna oke banget, layar touch screen, finger print, tidak bisa di flip.

Audio visual oke.

Keyboard mengetik enak/ergolyte.

Cocok banget untuk streaming memory up 1tera, 512. Ngedit video tidak akan hang/lag walaupun banyak tools yang dibuka.cocok untuk games dan editing vudeo.

Mau berapa toolbar yang dibuka ga bakal hang.

Baterainya tahan banget ketika full tahan lima ja, ngecas Cuma sejam.

Ada tiga tools, colokan USB, untuk colokan kabel agak berbeda harus ada khusus.

Kalau mau pakai flash disk harus pakai kabel yang ada.

Harga belasan juta.


User experience dari Linda dan Olin.

Olin berkata, “menggukan 370ua harga 3,5, sudah kurang lebih 1 tahun, dapat dari lomba blog”. Itu didapat karena kontennya menarik. Olin berkata, “Pakai laptop sebelumnya Asus …. Itu dulu pernah berbagai jenis video, sekarang zamannya video, ini benar-benar multi task juga, ngedit video, dengerin lagu, rapling, video jalan, panas tetep panas, beda dikit sama 391 ini yaitu bisaddiginiin, touch screen juga, hardisk ssd, jadi upgrade paling Cuma 2-3 detik. Colokan ada dua kiri kanan. Terus juga apa lagi yaa? Storagenya luamayan gede …, dapat pennya. Colokannya biasa.”.

Linda berkata, “ Ini aja slow motion ya, karena perempuan banget, ini tipe US331UAL, harga 14 juta 999 ribu. Ini dapat dari bikin lomba. Baru tiga bulan. Banyak dipakai buat traveling, lebih stylys, dag dig dug takut jatuh. Standar moniter diuji. Ada videonya di youtube bisa dilihat. Lebih tipis, lebih ringan. Lebih ringan. Siapa saja bisa pakai, mobile banget. Yang namanya blogger kemana-mana nulis. Pernah jatuh juga di bandara waktu di Yogya kejar pesawat, pegangnya seperti ini. Baterainya 15 jam belum bisa touchscreen, belum ergo…. Harganya beda.”.

Lalu orang yang berbagi user experience diajak foto bersama.

“Itu tadi  penjelasan sedikit review.”.

“Kalau untuk itu pastilah yah, namanya anak kecil mau tahu, pas dia lagi ngetik, ya udahlah biarin aja. Biar dia nyoba”.

“Diajak main aja”

Ratu, “Ini kan metal ya? Saya ada pengalaman yang bukan metal, ini kalau keringetan nyetrum gay a?”


“Belum ngalamin”,

Darul, “Saya mau nanya kalau zenbook  ketika beli ini sudah sama operasinya, office juga belum sih?”

“Kemarin waktu di Bekasi ya sudah”

“Tapi Asus emang keren”.

“Ini Asus Zenbooknya disini. Gimana kalau kita coba buka Chrome 20 tab, kita mau cek ram yang terpakai berapa?”.

“Silahkan bapak coba sendiri, sejarah ini”.

Memorynya 7,2, masih setengahnya.

Seorang pria berkata, “Kalau gitu kita buka situsnya. Kita mau lihat ram yang terpakai berapa.”

“Carolin zenbookmu udah pernah dipakai photoshop, desain?”


Memorinya masih banyak doong.

Itu kelebihan dari Zenbook. Ada blogger yang menantang, lolos.

Games kedua :

“Kalau diatas up, duh di bahu, ah di perut, ih ke lutut.”

“Kalau ketinggian ….”.

“Baca baru uji coba, belum lengkap bacanya”.

Berangkat dari gathering ini, lomba blog sudah jalan dari tanggal 18 Desember 2019.

Sampai jam 12 tepat untuk kembali eksplor di

Setelah itu kita makan, setelah itu kita klosing.

“Coba diinjek dong”.

Door prizenya nanti terakhir.